Predictions For 2020

Published: Wed 01 January 2020
Updated: Wed 01 January 2020
By Ed

In misc.

  • I get nothing done that I wanted.
  • Pope dabs - world applauds.
  • Prince Philip dies (because of how old he is). A sensible level of mourning quickly spills over into sycophantic jingoism.
  • Jordan Peele makes something better than Us (which was good) but still not as good as Get Out (which was really good).
  • An enormous alien squid from another dimension lands in Manhattan, killing millions. International diplomatic tensions are forgotten as humanity unites against a perceived common enemy.
  • Boris Johnson legalises murder or something.
  • Joe Biden wins the democratic nomination but in typical gaffe-prone style accidentally instructs his supporters to vote for Trump.
  • John Frusciante quits and rejoins the Red Hot Chili Peppers two or three more times.