ed tovell dot com

Ed Tovell has a BA in Linguistics from University College London, as well as an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. He loves Linguistics, but he is not in love with it.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language in all aspects. Ed Tovell majored in syntax and minored in phonology for both of his degrees.

The study of language does not require that you speak multiple languages, but lots of people think it does. Ed Tovell often gets asked how many languages he speaks by strangers at parties, but he only really speaks English. He knows some bad jokes and could probably order food in French and German. If he could learn any language (not counting programming languages) it would probably be Dyirbal because it is endangered and it has a dedicated noun class for vegetables.

If you like, you can read Ed Tovell's Master's thesis here. It is called "Towards a Syntactic Account of Literality in Preposition Stranding" and it is very long.

Ed Tovell is currently super interested in computational linguistics and natural language processing. He used to make chatbots for a living, and now works mainly as a data scientist while researching linguistic applications for machine learning. It is a good job.